The Hunted: Encore!

14355803_594876590691977_6837134009681170695_nIts here! We’ve been working on the series since June when we started writing the songs, we’re deep into post for season 1 right now but we wanted to release the Prologue episode as soon as possible so we could give you guys a taste of whats to come.

The Hunted: Encore! Is what can only be described as a vampire slaying musical action/comedy mockumentary web series. The series features songs by some of NYC’s coolest musical theater writers, some really damn talented singing and acting talent and VFX by a guy who does VFX for Walking Dead and the new Star Wars.  Its nutty.

The Hunted: Encore is the inaugural project for Charging Moose Media, which I founded with my good friend Ned Donovan, to handle all the crazy creative projects that we’ve had kicking around between the two of us for the past couple of years and not doing anything with…so now we’re doing them.

Its a interesting, weird project for me, as I’ve been SIGNIFICANTLY more involved, for much longer then I am with most projects I mix or score.  Firstly thats because well, its a musical, but also because the company I founded is producing it. Because of that I got to spend all this time on set and watching the early edits (and giving notes of them), watching the VFX get made and all that….I’ve been learning so much about the parts of film making I never really give a second thought normally and I feel like I have a whole new set of eyes when it comes to film making.

If you’re up for some action packed fun, check out our Prologue episode:

and Season 1 Trailer here:

BMI Composing for The Screen

Hey! Another quickie update. BMI_Logo_16x9_1200px
I found out last night that I was accepted into the BMI Composing for The Screen workshop with Rick Baitz!

I’ll post some more info soonish when I don’t have a bunch of music to write before I can go to bed but immensely looking forward to putting my learning hat back on this September and October!

Don’t Have to Live Like A Refugee

593-enIt took me a minute, but I finally got a chance to listen to this weeks (I guess now technically last weeks episode) of This American Life. I’ve been in Maine all week playing guitar in Maine State Music Theaters production of Mamma Mia….feels like I can’t get away from Greece somehow.

Pt. 2 details more stories of refugee’s from camps all over Greece and whats most amazing to me was how varied the stories were, there really is no singular image of what a refugee experiences in Greece. Which drove home to me exactly how massive this crisis is. Its not just Syrians, its people from all over the middle east, from all walks of life and many different religions looking to a better life for themselves and their families and its so incredibly important that we remember that. Especially considering the rhetoric that is being espoused by the (who shall remain unnamed on my blog) republican presidential candidate.

Its needless to say that being a part of bringing these stories to life was a really special experience and I am forever grateful to the crew over at This American Life for giving me the chance to help give a voice to those who are having difficulty being heard.

So please take a listen (and listen to pt 1 here)!

Are We There Yet?

IG-Ragdha Tent 2I’ve been working super hard with Ira, Miki, Robyn and the rest of the gang at This American Life for the last couple of months on this special episode.

When all is said and done I’ll have written about 28 pieces of music for them….(I don’t even want to know how many minutes…). I’m not sure I’ve ever been this burnt out from writing before but also have never been prouder of a project that I’ve worked on and am SO excited that I get to finally talk about what I’ve been up to.

The show tells stories of refugees from across the middle east, all stuck in camps in Greece. They found people falling in love, kids mad at their parents for dragging them to Europe, women doing their laundry in a baseball stadium locker room, and hundreds of people living at a gas station—sitting next to the pumps, smoking. Also: wild pigs.

You can listen HERE or wherever you get your podcasts.

Part two airs next week at 8pm.


Album Released 06/08

ey! As a lot of you know I’ve been writing music for NPR’s This American Life for the last couple months. Getting to write for them has been a dream come true as a long time listener and also a really fun creative challenge.

Because on the show its usually in little snippets here and there I decided it’d be fun to pick out some of my favorites and release it as a little album. So….here it is!

Backstage Bites!

B-gXAegPThis is a fun one.

I was the lucky guy who got the call to write the music for Broadway Worlds brand new web series “Backstage Bites”.

A little info about the show:

Come into Katie’s kitchen with some of Broadway’s brightest as they eat, drink and merrily mix it up in this new cooking show! See your favorite stars out of their element as they whip up dishes inspired by their Broadway show. Get to know some of your favorite performers with quirky segments like Quickfire Questions! Guests include Ariana DeBose (Hamilton), Kimiko Glenn (Waitress), Andrew Keenan-Bolger (Tuck Everlasting), Cortney Wolfson (Kinky Boots), Aaron Young (Fiddler on the Roof) and much more!

You can find the latest episodes here: BACKSTAGE BITES

Print Version of Anatomy Of Doubt wins a Pulitzer (and other TAL related news!)

581Just found this out today because I live under a rock…

The episode of This American Life, that I posted about my music being featured in in February, was done as a part of a partnership with ProPublica and the Marshall Project (They did the print version of the story, TAL did an audio version of the story).

What I just found out today is that the print version of the article won a pulitzer prize. Which, even having just had a very small part to play in the creation of the audio version of the story, it still feels cool to have had some part of this amazing piece of journalism.

In other This American Life news, if you’ve listened to any episodes since February….you’ve heard my music!! Its really exciting to continually be hearing my music in the show and it looks like its gonna be like that for awhile.

You can check out the podcast here

and the pulitzer winning print version here

Give My Regards To Broadway – Classic Showtunes Reimagined

Wow! This was a fun one. Also a huge challenge and one of the most eclectic projects I’ve ever done (Which plays a lot into the challenge part).

So…what is is it? Give My Regards To Broadway – Classic Showtunes Reimagined, as the title of the most would imply the name is, is an compilation project put together by my good friend Ned Donovan. His concept was to take some of his favorite show tunes and rearrange them into the styles of today. I originally signed on to do a arena rock version of “Near To You” from Damn Yankees and from there ended up arranging three, doing additional horn arrangements on another and tracking and mixing six, but I couldn’t say no! The project was just too damn cool.

On top of it all, Ned managed to pull in an insanely talented group of folks to perform and arrange the rest of the tracks, including cast members from broadway shows Hamilton and Disaster, members from the first national tour of Once, the “beatmaster” from Hamilton, a top 20 cast member from American Idol….the list goes on

You can check out the whole album here:


This American Life – Anatomy Of Doubt

logo-v5For anyone listening to NPR’s This American Life this week, a bunch of the music used in the episode was written by me!! (The episode aired Saturday 02/27).

I’m not really sure what to say beyond that other then that when I heard one of my pieces come on i was literally jumping up and down around my apartment. I’ve been listening to TAL for as long as I can remember and….I’m just super excited.

This episode is particularly good, on top of it all.

The deal I have with This American Life is ongoing so hopefully more episodes with my music will be to come! (More updates later).

You can check out the episode here! (Or on the iTunes store)

and if you’d like to take a listen to my pieces alone, you can check them out here!

The Visit – Trailer

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 1.48.58 PMNo….not the horror film.

This is a great short film that I was lucky enough to work on this past fall. I was originally brought on to write original music for the project and through a fairly random set of circumstances ended up also being the mixer on.

The film will be screening at the DC Independent Film Festival and the Garden State Film Festival thus far. More info on the screenings to come!

Check out the trailer here: The Visit Short – Trailer

Here’s a little preview of the score: