Print Version of Anatomy Of Doubt wins a Pulitzer (and other TAL related news!)

581Just found this out today because I live under a rock…

The episode of This American Life, that I posted about my music being featured in in February, was done as a part of a partnership with ProPublica and the Marshall Project (They did the print version of the story, TAL did an audio version of the story).

What I just found out today is that the print version of the article won a pulitzer prize. Which, even having just had a very small part to play in the creation of the audio version of the story, it still feels cool to have had some part of this amazing piece of journalism.

In other This American Life news, if you’ve listened to any episodes since February….you’ve heard my music!! Its really exciting to continually be hearing my music in the show and it looks like its gonna be like that for awhile.

You can check out the podcast here

and the pulitzer winning print version here

Give My Regards To Broadway – Classic Showtunes Reimagined

Wow! This was a fun one. Also a huge challenge and one of the most eclectic projects I’ve ever done (Which plays a lot into the challenge part).

So…what is is it? Give My Regards To Broadway – Classic Showtunes Reimagined, as the title of the most would imply the name is, is an compilation project put together by my good friend Ned Donovan. His concept was to take some of his favorite show tunes and rearrange them into the styles of today. I originally signed on to do a arena rock version of “Near To You” from Damn Yankees and from there ended up arranging three, doing additional horn arrangements on another and tracking and mixing six, but I couldn’t say no! The project was just too damn cool.

On top of it all, Ned managed to pull in an insanely talented group of folks to perform and arrange the rest of the tracks, including cast members from broadway shows Hamilton and Disaster, members from the first national tour of Once, the “beatmaster” from Hamilton, a top 20 cast member from American Idol….the list goes on

You can check out the whole album here:


This American Life – Anatomy Of Doubt

logo-v5For anyone listening to NPR’s This American Life this week, a bunch of the music used in the episode was written by me!! (The episode aired Saturday 02/27).

I’m not really sure what to say beyond that other then that when I heard one of my pieces come on i was literally jumping up and down around my apartment. I’ve been listening to TAL for as long as I can remember and….I’m just super excited.

This episode is particularly good, on top of it all.

The deal I have with This American Life is ongoing so hopefully more episodes with my music will be to come! (More updates later).

You can check out the episode here! (Or on the iTunes store)

and if you’d like to take a listen to my pieces alone, you can check them out here!

The Visit – Trailer

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 1.48.58 PMNo….not the horror film.

This is a great short film that I was lucky enough to work on this past fall. I was originally brought on to write original music for the project and through a fairly random set of circumstances ended up also being the mixer on.

The film will be screening at the DC Independent Film Festival and the Garden State Film Festival thus far. More info on the screenings to come!

Check out the trailer here: The Visit Short – Trailer

Here’s a little preview of the score: 



Terms Of Service Online!

Spent a big chunk of last summer working on this short and am happy to say that after some great successes in the festival circuit (Screened at the Santa Barbara and Cleveland film festivals and received Best Short at the Omaha film festival) its finally being released online!

Check out The Terms of Service!

Protecting BC’s Freshwater

I had the pleasure of doing the music for this short documentary about the threat of Zebra & Quagga Mussels in British Columbia (Sounds vaguely silly and non threatening but watch the video! It really is). Not only is it an informative and beautiful little short (Edited by the one and only Crystal Arnette and Written directed by Brynne Morrice), I also got to work some of my favorite musicians on this project including Gerard Spalding Mike Hunter played both Violin and Cello. Its not that often I have the budget to get a couple live musicians so I really savored this opportunity….oh ya I played a little guitar to! Here it is:

Terms Of Service Screening At Santa Barbara Film Festival

d0ed9f_43588507cece41dba8d3de2678dbf2c6.png_srz_1426_796_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srzThe title pretty much says it all but if you’re in the area you can check out the film (and my score!) at the Santa Barbara Film Festival.

I had a blast working on the music for this short, got to dig into the classics and do my version of the film noire genre, hopefully will be releasing the soundtrack at some point soon for your listening pleasure!

You can find info about the film and the screenings here!

Summer Projects

I’m not even sure where to begin. Its been months since my last post and that can be attributed to it being easily one of the busiest summers of my life. Last I checked in we were finishing tracking Whiskey and Wine’s EP (which…well I’ll get to that) and gearing up to perform Panic! The Musical at Joe’s pub.

Well first off I can happily announce that Panic! was a blast and we were all super happy with the final product after months of working on arrangements with Will Melones (Lead arranger) and Craig Petrocelli (Music director and vocal arranger). This project was especially fun, as Megan Dorn (My superbly talented girlfriend) was one of the lead performers and the band was made up Aaron Drescher and Will Melones (among other things both members of Whiskey and Wine).

Speaking of Whiskey and Wine….we’re still slowly plugging away at this thing but unfortunately due to circumstances that I’ll get to in a moment the EP is kind of in a deep freeze. We have three songs recorded and most of the tracking is finished and rough mixes are done, but its looking like its going to be a little while before we put the finishing touches on everything (This delay may also end up meaning we hold out for a bit longer and do some more songs…so silver lining!).

So that brings me to the big news. In June I had the opportunity to join the composing team of Marcelo Zarvos here in NYC. I was brought on initially to help with CBS’s Extant and Showtimes Ray Donovan, as the team was working on both show simultaneously as well as a couple very cool film projects. During the time I’ve been here its been an immense learning experience and a complete blast getting to finally put what I learned in school to good use.

Currently I’m working with Marcelo on Showtimes The Affair which premiers in a couple weeks according to the adds on buses that I’ve been seeing. Really excited about this one as I’m not only playing guitar on a couple episodes, I’ve also had the chance to dig really deep into patch design and create some really cool sounds for this score.