Terms Of Service Screening At Santa Barbara Film Festival

d0ed9f_43588507cece41dba8d3de2678dbf2c6.png_srz_1426_796_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srzThe title pretty much says it all but if you’re in the area you can check out the film (and my score!) at the Santa Barbara Film Festival.

I had a blast working on the music for this short, got to dig into the classics and do my version of the film noire genre, hopefully will be releasing the soundtrack at some point soon for your listening pleasure!

You can find info about the film and the screenings here!

Summer Projects

I’m not even sure where to begin. Its been months since my last post and that can be attributed to it being easily one of the busiest summers of my life. Last I checked in we were finishing tracking Whiskey and Wine’s EP (which…well I’ll get to that) and gearing up to perform Panic! The Musical at Joe’s pub.

Well first off I can happily announce that Panic! was a blast and we were all super happy with the final product after months of working on arrangements with Will Melones (Lead arranger) and Craig Petrocelli (Music director and vocal arranger). This project was especially fun, as Megan Dorn (My superbly talented girlfriend) was one of the lead performers and the band was made up Aaron Drescher and Will Melones (among other things both members of Whiskey and Wine).

Speaking of Whiskey and Wine….we’re still slowly plugging away at this thing but unfortunately due to circumstances that I’ll get to in a moment the EP is kind of in a deep freeze. We have three songs recorded and most of the tracking is finished and rough mixes are done, but its looking like its going to be a little while before we put the finishing touches on everything (This delay may also end up meaning we hold out for a bit longer and do some more songs…so silver lining!).

So that brings me to the big news. In June I had the opportunity to join the composing team of Marcelo Zarvos here in NYC. I was brought on initially to help with CBS’s Extant and Showtimes Ray Donovan, as the team was working on both show simultaneously as well as a couple very cool film projects. During the time I’ve been here its been an immense learning experience and a complete blast getting to finally put what I learned in school to good use.

Currently I’m working with Marcelo on Showtimes The Affair which premiers in a couple weeks according to the adds on buses that I’ve been seeing. Really excited about this one as I’m not only playing guitar on a couple episodes, I’ve also had the chance to dig really deep into patch design and create some really cool sounds for this score.



Tracking Whiskey and Wine vocals

4/10 Updates

Lots of fun stuff to talk about!

I’ve got a fair amount of engineering work this month, which is very exciting to see that stuff picking up.

First up is Panic! The musical. I’m not actually sure how much I can say past that…but I’m very excited to be engineering this and playing guitar as well. (We’ll be working out of this cool studio in Astoria called The Buddy Project!).

The other project is my own band Whiskey and Wine. We’ll be headed to A Bloody Good Record in LIC to begin tracking at the end of this month.

We are also in talks about finally making the long discussed Mechanical album happen….but that’s for another post.

On the film side of things, as mentioned in my last post, The Last Dance will be screening at the Short Film corner at the Cannes Film Festival. On top of that I just wrapped up on the scores for two very cool projects. The American Dream by Alex Fierro Clarke and Tattered by New Sponge Media.

On top of all that. I’ve got two performances coming up.

On May 5th I’ll be filling in on guitar for Nicole and the Upward Something’s.

June 9th I’ll be playing guitar for Panic! The Musical at Joes Pub.

Also be on the lookout for a CD release party for Whiskey and Wines upcoming EP.

(More details on both gigs will be up in the new “Performances” section on my website I’m adding soon).

The Last Dance


I am very excited to announce that one of the three short films that I scored for the extremely talented Alison Hammersley will be screening at the Cannes 2014 Short Film Corner.

It’s an absolutely beautiful piece and if you happen to find yourself in Cannes this year you’d be doing yourself a favor in checking this film out.


Whiskey And Wine! Live @ LIC Bar

1911809_10101543402161549_700906201_nMy very own alt country/blues/gypsy smashup band is going to be hanging out and playing a set on Wednesday the 26th at 9pm @ LIC Bar in Long Island City.

Its going to be a great night filled with new tunes, older tunes (but they’re really all new tunes with a group as new as we are), covers and of course many a Whiskey and Wine.

Hope to see you there!

Panic! Announcement

Panic-at-the-Disco-Too-Weird-to-Live-Too-Rate-to-Die-2013-1200x1200Very happy to announce I will be playing Guitar for Panic! in Concert at 54 Below on March 23rd!

Panic! is a brand new musical featuring the music of Panic! at the Disco…and as anyone who knew me during high school…my 16 year old self would be super pumped (as is 24 year old self). The show is also featuring my lovely and talented girlfriend Megan Dorn!

The performance is at 11pm Monday the 23rd @ 54 Below. $10 online with a $20 food and drink minimum.

Check out the show here!: http://www.panicthemusical.com
Get tickets here!: http://54below.com/artist/panic-in-concert/

2014 (Long Overdue) Update

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 1.17.56 PMSo…Its been awhile since I’ve posted. So long, in fact, that this post is probably going to be a little lengthy just so I can report on what I’ve been up to….

So where to begin?

Firstly. In mid November I was lucky enough to premiere “Moose Tracks” (My audio engineer alter-ego) and record two ridiculously talented and awesome bands, as well as couple other projects I’ll be detailing later in the post.

The first band I engineered was Whiskey and Wine, which also happens to be my band! Megan and I decided we needed another creative outlet so decided to put this project together. We’ve been exploring the waters between folk, bluegrass, rock, country and everything in between. We were incredibly luck to be joined in the studio by some stellar players (Danielle Deluty on Bass, Jason Gottlieb on acoustic guitar, Michael Hunter on Violin, Tess Brenner and Bart Mather on background vocals). Still working on the final mixes for this guy but we’re expecting a 2014 release on this one. This also marks one of the first projects in my ongoing collab with Will Melones of Docs Basement.

Second in the engineering vein was the chance to engineer Nicole and the Upward Something new EP “Move Me Still“. Under the direction of our badass producer Dan Crowley (Of Motel Room Studios) and again working side by side with Will, we tracked 4 original songs by the incomparable Nicole Weiss. Nicole was joined by her band (Michael Hunter, Mike Brun, Rob Gold and Danielle Deluty). “Move Me Still” is going to be released in February.

So theres all that.

On top of engineer and mixing, I’ve worked on what seems like a never ending stream of scoring jobs, Starting with an eclectic trio of shorts by Alison Hammersley. All three were fun and challenging to work on. I got the opportunity to expand my musical palate with each project. Audio samples from each should be available soon. I was also very excited to get to score my first stop motion…heres to hoping for more of those. They’re all currently out for film festivals so you’ll have to wait to get a look at them though!

Along with Alison’s shorts, I’m currently finishing up the music for a television pilot by Alex Fierro-Clarke, called the American Dream. The film is shot differently than most of the projects I have worked on, which has given me a unique challenge. Wrapping has been a little delayed due to some personel changes, but things should be out soon.

I’m currently signed on the do the score for Slingers. A short fantasy western film sprung from the mind of Bryant Francis (If anyone remembers Wintersmith from a few years back, that was a Bryant project as well). The Kickstarter for Slingers launches today. I’ll be posting a link as soon as its live.

I’ve been revising The Mechanical script, and have decided to revise our approach to the long awaited cast album. My hope is that it will be fully tracked in a month or so but our deadline will be based on availability.

Finally, I know it’s past Christmas, but over the holidays I had the pleasure of arranging and recording a couple Christmas tunes. Some of my best friends (and most talented musicians I know) are featured on the recording. It turned out really well. If you’re looking to hang on to a bit of that Christmas spirit, check out our EP – A Whiskey and Wine and Friends Christmas.

Thats all for now! I’ll be posting some new music soon as well as the long overdue second installment in The Mechanical Serials.